Friday, February 14, 2014

Dark Night (1988) – [Mandarin + Chi sub] - PART 2

Also Known As: 暗夜
Country: Taiwan
Genre: Erotic | Drama
Release Date: 1988
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese
Su Mingming, Linda Chen, Yang Yuanzhang, Chen Xin

Baishouchengjia young businessman黄承德Lin married for ten years with his wife , happy life .黄承德introduced by friends , meet reporter leaves the original , the original cause and Lin Ye chance acquaintance , causing marital crisis and黄承德the United States because of the public , and mistress Renee counterparts. Huang Chengde month after returning to Taiwan , Lin found that pregnant at this time , while the leaves of the original and the new female reporter became a new love , the relationship between the three troubled …..

In short , is a woman carrying her husband love another man , the man often went to this woman and her family a relationship . One time, this woman her husband halfway home , the man quickly fled , but her husband is still being discovered clues.
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