Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nangfa la sawat (2013) - PART 3

Also Known As: นางฟ้าล่าสวาท
Genre: Drama | Erotic
Release Date: 2013
Language: Thai
Country: Thailand
Subtitles: None ATM
Director: Takechi
Korakan Homchan

News of a little girl In the midst of a fairy dress . Of hundreds of boys toys Devoting himself in exchange for money To hide the tears beneath the smiling faces . Moves to captivate all …. just for the joy of families waiting behind the longing for love . Broke then dissolved I was just happy to find a good body is hard to have ….

But angels are waiting the night remained hopeful that one day she will fall out of the whirlpool of light, color and smell of this . Back to the Moors conquered Na And hopes to meet with great sincerity.
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